Free Reel Lawn Mower with Trade-In

While supplies last, Pep Boys is giving out free reel lawn mowers to those who bring in an old gas mower. These are 18 inch 5 blade Greenworx mowers. Pep Boys may also be offering large discounts on electric Greenworx mowers with the trade-in of a working gas lawn mower. The conditions are that the mower you bring in must work, and that it can’t have any gas in it when you bring it in. How they will test if the mower works without any gas in it… that is a mystery.

The best way to get information on this deal is to call your local Pep Boys and ask for information on the promotion because availability is specific to store locations and their inventories. As always, get the specific model numbers available and check out the reviews online. This deal is probably best for those who own old gas lawn mowers that do not perform well. Here are the reviews of the 18 inch reel mower on Amazon.

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